Pac-12 Basketball Game Recap: Arizona Wildcats 71, Colorado Buffaloes 57

In front of a pretty solid McKale Center crowd last night, the Arizona Wildcats put on an unprecedented third straight solid performance to beat the visiting Colorado Buffaloes handily by a final score of 71 to 57. The Wildcats were led by F Solomon Hill (16 pts, 14 rebs), F Jesse Perry (17 pts, 11 rebs), and G Kyle Fogg (15 pts, 5 rebs). The three veteran Cats are finally exhibiting the type of consistent leadership that Sean Miller has been pining for all season and it’s paying dividends in a big way as Arizona (17-8, 8-4) now finds itself in a three-way tie for third place in the Pac 12 with Oregon (17-7, 8-4) and Colorado (16-8, 8-4). Cal (19-6, 9-3) and Washington (16-8, 9-3) are tied for the conference lead heading in to the home stretch of the season with each team having six conference games remaining.

If you’re interested in reading a more professional sounding game recap with play-by-play analysis that jumps back and forth from beginning to end, please search the appropriate major sports site for such an article.  If you want unfiltered thoughts, musings, comments, criticisms, and non sequiturs, please keep reading.

1. Jesse Perry gets blocked a LOT.  The official box score only has Colorado down for four blocked shots but I swear that Perry got stuffed five or six times himself.  I guess there’s not much else an undersized post can do but you’d think he’d be able to adjust or get little creative sometimes.

2. I like Sean Miller’s new rotation.  Generally I believe in the coaching philosophy of going deep into the bench but when the law of diminishing returns starts to kick in, it takes precedence.  The Cats seem to be hitting stride right now so I’m hopeful that they can keep it going through the upcoming road trip to Washington because those two games will determine the fate of their season.

3. I have been very critical of Angelo Chol’s ability to play solid post defense but to his credit, it’s abundantly clear that he’s been working very hard on that aspect of his game.  He still gets lost in the paint on help-side defense sometimes and he’s also still prone to getting sealed when he gets lacksadaisical but overall he has become at least as equally an asset as a liability so that’s a good start.

4. Josiah Turner is clutch.  His numbers in the box score don’t always look pretty but he’s one of those rare guys that is more productive in the last 10 minutes of games than he is during the first 30 minutes.  I’m excited about his future.  Anybody who called him a bust or Mustafa v2.0 should rightfully be eating crow pie soon if they aren’t already.

5. Joe Lunardi sucks.


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  • BlaineManjarre

    Excellent Journalism,

    a few of my thoughts in response

    1. Agreed, but the fact that Perry is 6’7″ is where the problem lies; he’s simply playing out of position.

    2. I would like to see Chol progressively get more and more minutes. I would like to eventually see how he would react to being a starter, with Nick coming off the bench as a sparkplug 6th man.

    3. As noted by my previous statement, it is easy to see I am a big Chol fan. He does seem to get called for alot of fouls while shading as a help man. The thing I see he brings most to the table is the affect on the opponents offense once he gets a block. It looks like the offense becomes more conservative about taking it to the basket on him once that happens.

    4. Josiah is slowly, but surely, turing into the player we thought he would be before the season starts. Once he can get a consistent jumper and FT%, he’ll be unstoppable.

    5. We should just let the Octopus who picked the World Cup games take his job. He be more effective.

    -Former Libero/ Serve Extraordinaire

    Blaine Manjarre