Jun 15, 2012; Omaha, NE, USA; Arizona Wildcats celebrate after their 4-3 win over the Florida State Seminoles during the 12th inning of game one of the 2012 College World Series at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha. Mandatory Credit: Matt Ryerson-US PRESSWIRE

Mid-June Zona Zealots Power Rankings

  This is the first installment of will hopefully be a weekly (or at least a bi-weekly) snapshot of how former, current, and even semi-related Arizona Wildcats are doing in the world. There’s no rubric, no fancy algorithm, and very rarely will there even be a logical justification for these rankings so please keep that in mind. The comments section below or the Zona Zealots Facebook page would be appropriate places for you to respond if you feel so inclined. Without further ado, here are your mid-June ZZ Power Rankings:

1. The Arizona Wildcats baseball team - The Batcats (Can we call them that? I’m really not sure. I’ve been to exactly one Wildcats baseball game in my life so I feel a little out of my comfort zone here. Somebody please let me know because I think “Batcats” is a pretty awesome pseudonym, especially with the new Batman movie coming out soon.)…sooo anyways, where were we?…yes, the Batcats begin their pursuit of the illustrious [dramatic pause for Google search] College World Series championship (wow, was expecting something a little more original) tonight at 6pm Tucson time against Florida State. Did you know that the Wildcats have won THREE CWS titles? You did? Really? Welp, guess you I learn something new every day!

UPDATE: The Batcats came out victorious against a tough Florida State team 4-3 after 12 hard fought innings. They will play a familiar foe on Sunday at 6pm (ESPN2): UCLA.

2. Sean Miller - He’ll probably be on this list a lot. Today he got a one-year contract extension from the Arizona Board of Regents. That’s one more year that the window will be open for him to bring another national championship to McKale Center.

3. Jim Furyk - At this exact moment in time, former Wildcat golfer Jim Furyk is tied with Tiger Woods (and Tucsonan Michael Thompson) at one-under atop the leaderboard of the US Open.

4. Andre Iguodala - If I had written this post three weeks ago like I had wanted, Iggy would’ve debuted at #1. He led the 76ers to within a game of advancing to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals with a supporting cast of characters that included Old Man Elton Brand and Sweet Lou Williams.

5. North End Zone Expansion - Saw some renderings of the project a few days ago…it’s gonna look so SICK!

Not ranked this week: Amanda Beard, Wilbur the Wildcat, the UofA track team, the UofA swim team, MoMo Jones, Peter Likins, Greg Byrne, late nights at the ILC, Wilbur’s Underground, Panda Express orange chicken, UAPD, sudoku, Gronk, Revenge of the Nerds, Bio5, Police Beat

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