Jun 8, 2013; Fullerton, CA, USA; UCLA Bruins head coach John Savage (22) celebrates with center fielder Brian Carroll (24) following a 3-0 win against the Cal State Fullerton Titans to win the Fullerton super regional of the 2013 NCAA baseball tournament at Goodwin Field. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The college world series is set and the Pac-12 proves it deserves more respect

The college baseball world series (or the CWS for short) has been set, and eight teams will face off in a double elimination tournament for a chance to reach the Championship Series. The CWS will feature Mississippi State (SEC) vs. Oregon State (Pac-12) and Indiana (Big 10) vs. Louisville (Big East) on one end of the bracket, and North Carolina (ACC) v. North Carolina State (ACC) and UCLA (Pac-12) vs. LSU (SEC) on the other end of the bracket.

That said, I love the fact that numbers don’t lie. Consider the following:

1. The NCAA Committee gave bids to NINE teams from the SEC. Two teams from the SEC made it to the CWS. In other words, out of the army of teams #EastCoastbiasnation allowed in from the SEC, only 22% of those teams will be represented in the CWS.

2. The Committee gave bids to EIGHT teams from the ACC. Two teams from the ACC made it to the CWS. Out of over half of the conference the Committee allowed in from the ACC, only 25% of those teams will be represented in the CWS.

3. The Committee gave bids to FOUR teams from the Pac-12, even though the Pac is considered the third strongest conference in the country. Two teams from the Pac made it into the CWS. That is a representation of 50% out of the Pac-12 teams that were invited.

4. Another way of looking at it: the SEC and ACC combined made up over 25% of the ENTIRE 64-team field, yet were only able to get 23% of their representation in. The Pac-12 made up 6% of the entire 64-team field and were able to get 50% of their representation in. The Pac outdid its eastern foes in CWS representation/overall conference representation ratio by over 25% despite having almost 20% less representation overall.

5. But Maybe the Pac’s road to the CWS was easier, you say? Not in the slightest. The SEC and ACC were awarded NINE #1 seeds out of sixteen–simply put, that is absurd. The Pac was awarded three.

6. As Arizona head coach Andy Lopez indicated when the Wildcats did not make the selection, The Pac-12 clearly deserves more respect.

7. A UCLA v. Oregon State Championship Series would be a beautiful slap to the face to everyone over in the east who do not stay up late enough to see that the West Coast is every much as good as they are.

And better.

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