4-Star Recruit Elliott Pitts Looks to Add More Size

There is not much to expect this season from Arizona Wildcats freshman recruit Elliott Pitts. He is set up to be put into a role similar to Gabe York’s last season. Sean Miller is going to have a hard time finding quality minutes for Pitts, it is not because he lacks skill, but he lacks the size that will make him a legitimate threat on the college level.

Elliott Pitts should make friends with the “freshman 15″ a phrased used to describe the weight gain college freshman go through during their first college semester. Obviously Sean Miller and the Arizona coaching staff want Elliott Pitts to gain a healthy and useful 15 pounds.

Pitts is on the right track, he came to Arizona  a couple of weeks ago standing 6-5 and weighing 175 pounds. Since then, he has pushed his weight up to 180 pounds. The Arizona training staff is hoping to see him gain another 5-7 pounds in the next 3-4 months. If Elliot Pitts can successfully put on the weight, and play in a way that he can be quick and useful at a heavier weight, he will see the rewards in the coming years. Sean Miller will have not choice but to play him. Do not let Pitt’s lack of size sway your opinion about him. He is crafty on the court and has a nice shooting stroke.

Elliott Pitts is the lowest ranking member of Arizona’s three-player recruiting class that includes 5-star recruits Aaron Gordon and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. If he wants his name brought up with the likes of Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson, he will need to continue to put on size. His skill set has him setup to thrive in Sean Miller’s system, but he needs the size so he can be a physical player as well. I am convinced that with the proper diet and training program, Elliot Pitts will be successful as an Arizona Wildcat.

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