Arizona Wildcats’ Top 10 Headlines of 2012: #6-10


Sept. 8, 2012; Tucson, AZ, USA; Arizona Wildcats quarterback Matt Scott (10) celebrates after scoring an 8 yard rushing touchdown during the second half against the Oklahoma State Cowboys at Arizona Stadium. The Wildcats beat the Cowboys 59-38. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY SportsDisclaimer: The title of this should really be “Arizona Wildcats’ Top 10 Headlines According to One Fan Who is a Diehard of Arizona Football, Basketball and Baseball.” In other words, This is my list. If you think I’m crazy for putting something at #9 instead of #8 or you think I’ve completely lost my mind by not including an epic moment, do not go Mike Stoops on me. Instead, make your own list and share it below.

Honorable Mentions
Bridgett Barrett Gets Silver Medal in Olympics, Rondae Jefferson Commits to Arizona.

10. ASU Paints Own “A” Green to Motivate Themselves Against Oregon

And then they got their A$$ kicked. Listening to the local Tempe radio that day, Sun Devil fans were convinced that they had a real chance at upsetting the mighty Ducks–whatever they were smoking that day is still unknown. As predicted, the game was over by the first quarter. Following the game, it was discovered that Arizona State’s “A,” which had allegedly been painted green by Oregon Duck fans as a prank, was in fact painted by its own fans to anger and motivate their own team. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than watching Tempe Normal do something as stupid as pranking themselves to the detriment of themselves.

9. RichRod Hires Jeff Casteel as Defensive Coordinator

I know you must think I’m crazy for putting this on the top 10. You must be thinking, “did this idiot see our defense this year?” But remember, Arizona’s defense is still comprised of what is mostly and now obviously poor recruiting classes from the Stoops era. This year’s defense was also paper thin and riddled with injuries–a few of Arizona’s starters this year were actually walk-ons. Add that to the fact that these players are learning a completely different defensive philosophy and the first year results are not surprising. But be patient. Under RichRod at West Virginia and even after RichRod’s departure, Casteel’s 3-3-5 defense was no joke and during several years received top national rankings in several categories. Many believe that RichRod’s failure to convince Casteel to follow him to Michigan is what led to RichRod’s disaster with the Woleverines. Reunited in Arizona, these two great minds will do good things here.

8. Arizona Defeats Oklahoma State

The first huge victory of the RichRod era and the first true glimpse of what RichRod’s program is capable of. Noone gave Arizona a chance against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the first quarter of the game revealed that OSU was a much better football team. Simply put, however, the Wildcats played a more disciplined game by a better coach. Stoops would not have won this game.

7. Arizona Defeats the Mighty Trojans

Noone gave Arizona a chance in this game either, but the Wildcats proved everyone wrong once again. In hindsight, the win over OSU was probably more impressive (Though ranked in the top 10 at the time Arizona defeated them, USC turned out to be only a mediocre football team), but Arizona’s victory over the mighty USC Trojans was more sweet. Matt Scott came out of it a hero, and the win provided exciting implications for Arizona’s Pac-12 season.

6. Arizona Acquires Two Veteran Point Guard Transfers

Finally, it looks like Miller found a way to bring Point Guard U back and fill the void that was the ‘Josiah Turner Disaster of 2011-12.’ Xavier’s senior transfer Mark Lyons is not a reason the Wildcats are currently 12-0, but the reason (Don’t believe me? See Exhibit A: leading scorer; Exhibit B: game winning lay-up against Florida; Exhibit C: game winning free throws against San Diego State). Unlike last season’s team–which lacked a player with the give-me-the-ball-so-I-can-win-this-game-for-us-NOW mentality of Derrick Williams–Arizona now has a player who is not only unafraid of taking the ball in the clutch, but successful at it. When Lyons leaves, Duquesne’s junior transfer T.J. McConnell is ready to take his place.