Arizona Wildcats Basketball: The Grant Jerrett Situation Explained


Feb 14, 2013; Boulder, CO, USA; Arizona Wildcats forward Grant Jerrett (33) looks up at the jumbo torn in the first half of the game against the Colorado Buffaloes at the Coors Events Center. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsDisclaimer: While I am editor, Zona Zealots will never be that site that blurts out–without knowing the absolute truth–what will or will not happen simply because we would like to make it on the map and be the first site to “report” it. We will not post as news something based on a forum written by WilDcatFan#1forRealZ who heard something from his mother’s brother’s second cousin who has close “connectionz” with the team that such and such is unhappy because of Y and for that reason will be doing Z. That’s not honest reporting–that’s hype.

For that reason, I cannot tell you with 100% certainty what will happen with Grant Jerrett, because 1) there has been no official announcement, 2) I am not Grant Jerrett and 2) Jerrett is a young, confused kid who still has lots of time to change his mind on several different options, which is about as predictable as the taste of your buddy’s brand new home brew. But, I do have thirty years of Arizona Wildcat experience and have talked to several people I have some confidence in, so take this educated guess–not news and certainly not yet a fact–for what it is worth.

1. Most importantly, hype has it that Jerrett is 50/50 on returning next year. What’s your take?

At this point, more like 90/10. that is, 90% not returning, 10% he’ll be back. If you remember the Lute Olson era, these are good problems to have.

2. Hype has it Jerrett is not looking forward to welcoming the incoming freshman class, which might contribute to part of the reason he considers departure. What’s your take?

Do I find it a coincidental that Eric Cooper Jr. (who played with Jerrett) de-committed from Arizona the same week news broke out Jerrett was considering leaving Arizona? Absolutely not. Something tells me someone who has close access to both players’ ears is telling them competing with the likes of Rondae Jefferson and Aaron Gordon will not be an easy task.

3. Hype is confused on whether Jerrett is taking his shot at the NBA or transferring to another school. What’s your take?

Personally, both choices are acts of incredibly bad decision-making. First, I never understood the logic behind players who bolted for the NBA because they were afraid of the incoming freshman class (aka “I don’t think I can compete with someone coming in from high school, but I’ll surely be able to get a starting gig among the best in the world, for sure.”). Second, I don’t see the intelligence of leaving an elite program with the potential of being one of the best sixth men in the nation in exchange for taking a year off to be the potential star of a nobody. Look at the history books and see how many players who transferred from Arizona ended up working out elsewhere or, more importantly, in the NBA (see Jason Terry vs. Dennis Latimore) .

Despite all this, you want my take, not my opinion on how horrible both these options are. My take is Jerrett is getting awful, awful advice that he is ready to leap into the NBA where pools of green money will be awaiting his arrival. Jerrett knows he is good enough to continue significantly contributing to a good program, benefits of which substantially outweigh the risks and penalties of transfer. In fact, instead of getting lost in the shuffle with the other talented Wildcats of next season, Jerrett has been poisoned with thoughts–courtesy of selfish individuals–he has the body and the shot to be good enough for the next level. In other words, some money grubbing opportunist douche-bag has persuaded and built up some pipe dream fantasy too good for the young nineteen-year-old mind of Jerrett to pass up.

3. Hype has it that Jerrett and Miller don’t see eye to eye, and that is why Jerrett wants out. What’s your take?

If I am wrong and Jerrett is transferring, this could be true, but out of all the talk going around, this is most likely all rumors and gossip. I find it more likely that this fool’s paradise of money raining down from the National Basketball Association and those responsible for creating this illusion have more to do with Jerrett’s decision than any bad blood between him and Coach Miller.