The Baddest Dunker in Zona History: Who You Got?

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Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

McKale Center is no stranger to earth-shaking dunks.

Over the years, countless players have graced Tucson with bountiful tomahawks, windmills, and 360’s alike. Despite a slew of deserving contestants, there can only be one crown: Who you got as the baddest dunker to ever attend the U of A?

Making the case for Hassan Adams:

Although his NBA career did not quite pan out as we’d hope, there is no denying that this dude can play. Hassan Adams electrified Tucson with untouchable intensity from 2002-2006 and was rightfully known as one of the most invigorating players on the court due to his impressive leaping ability. This guy gets up. Dare I say that his windmills are Vince Carter-esque? Bold statement right? Anyway, you be the judge. (Super long video, just check out the first dunk)

Did that remind you of Vince Carter’s famous 360-windmill even a little bit?

Did you think ‘uh…kinda’ but are mildly embarrassed to admit that you just paralleled Hassan Adams with the greatest dunker to ever live? Me too. Regardless, Adams is undoubtably in the conversation for best Wildcat dunker of all time.

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