Arizona Wildcats Fans: Top 20 Fantasy Experiences

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Photo care of Shereen Rayan 4/18/2016
Photo care of Shereen Rayan 4/18/2016 /

No. 8 – Go on the road for a three-game series with the Arizona Baseball team

There is a new coach in town with a new attitude. He’s let the Arizona Baseball team be themselves, and that has galvanized the team, they have so much fun in the dugout, on the bus, before games, and anywhere they go.

That’s why it would be so much fun to hang out with them on a road trip. Cheering on each player as they come to the plate to bat. Be at home plate to congratulate each Wildcat as they score a run. Helping the team tape their Snapchats, catching them doing silly things, but then seriously smacking some balls into the outfield and over the wall.

Don’t believe us? Check this video out!

If you have never watched a baseball game of this caliber from the dugout, you are missing something special. Zona Zealots got a chance recently, and let us tell you; everything happens at double speed. The runners run faster, the ball flys higher and harder, the energy when the game is close is unexplainable.

This year’s team reminds us of the Monmouth basketball team bench. They are always coming up with new ideas to have fun and show support for their teammates. Team chemistry can propel a team to accomplish feats no one ever thought they could.

Just think back to that 13-inning game against the Cal Bears, the game went so long and was so close, that the exhilaration the team must have felt after that win probably can’t be put into words. Oh to have been on that bus! Once you get to know these Wildcats you can’t help but be in their court or their dugout that is.

Hey, maybe you will make into a team video!

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