Arizona Wildcats Fans: Top 20 Fantasy Experiences

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"88" The Documentary Sean P. Malone
Frame grab of Lute Olson from the upcoming documentary, ’88. (Courtesy of Waterfoot Films) /


The Wildcat legend that came to Tucson over 30 years ago led many great Wildcat teams, and built the culture that is now Arizona Basketball!

Olson has certainly seen his fair share of basketball action and has had many great experiences in his time here in Tucson. Who wouldn’t want to sit down with the Legendary Olson, and just pick his brain about basketball, and exchange plenty of intriguing stories in his coaching career?

Olson put Arizona’s basketball program on the map! For that, and all the wonderful memories, we could surely owe him a beer or two at the very least.

You and Lute could walk down memory lane, ask him the questions you always have wanted to ask him. After you finish visiting, he invites you to take in an Arizona basketball game with him, and throughout the game, he explains what he would do differently and what Sean Miller thinks when he calls certain plays or doesn’t call a timeout.

The two of you get a photo together, and he asks you to send it to him so he can autograph it for you, you hang the photo in a place you can see every day remind you of the day you spent with the legend Hall of Fame Coach Lute Olson.

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