Arizona Wildcats Fans: Top 20 Fantasy Experiences

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No. 2 – Party with Rob Gronkowski on the Gronk family party bus

Who doesn’t want to ride on the Gronk family party bus? Lately, Rob Gronkowski has been showing a lot more Wildcats pride each and every time he gets a chance. On red carpets, when he is involved in charity, when he is explaining how fast he is going to heal from injury, he’s been representing the U of A!

It’s no mystery that Gronk and his family likes to have fun, drinking, dancing, just being himself whenever and wherever he wants too (for the most part). He’s not worried what people think, and that is an endearing quality in the sports world today.

After taking in Gronkowski’s NFL game from the sidelines, and after Gronk comes out of the locker room ready to party after a win, you would board the party bus with Gronk’s brothers. The chauffeur would take you from Club to Club. You would be dancing, drinking, and having fun with Gronkowski with reckless abandon, not caring what anyone thinks about you while knowing they are envious of you.

Maybe the Gronk would let you in on some New England Patriot secrets, did Tom Brady instruct the ball boys to deflate the balls in the playoff game? Does Bill Belichick cheat? Or is he misconstrued? What motivates Rob to play so well?

He would answer any question you had, and you would become his confidant and party buddy for the day. And as you said goodbye to this special person, he hands you his Jersey autographed, “to my No. 1 Fan, BearDown Rob Gronkowski.” Complete with a hug and if you are female, a kiss.

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