Arizona Wildcats Fans: Top 20 Fantasy Experiences

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No. 18 – Perform the ‘Running Man’ Dance with the Arizona, Basketball Freshman

It is the dance that has taken over social media by storm! From celebrities to athletes, and sports teams, everyone seems to be participating in the Running Man Challenge.

Recently, NBA star

Carmelo Anthony

and late night talk show host & comedian, Jimmy Fallon performed the dance, generating some interest, and of course having a little fun.

Originally, the dance started with just

two teenage boys

(Kevin Vincent and Jerry Hall) having a little fun. It really caught on when the University of Maryland basketball team performed their rendition of the dance.

Like most national trends, the dance is the new hot thing, and the Arizona Baseball team seems have had their fun participating as well. Perhaps so much, that it has been recognized as one of the better-performed dances.

That prompted us to think how it would be to do this dance with the incoming, basketball freshmen. The group certainly seems to be a fun and youthful bunch, and that would definitely make this next fantasy fun.

The now infamous song entitled “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ’s starts playing, out come the guys, and you start having a Running Man Challenge dance off. Hilarity ensues, and this is easily one of the best experiences of your life.

This fantasy experience would include planning out and carrying out a video to be posted on YouTube; every other Wildcats fan would know you were part of the team for the day.

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