Arizona Football: You are going to love Commit Joshua ‘The Savage’ Brown


Joshua Brown is committed to play defensive lineman for the University of Arizona Football team. How committed? We found out!

All of us here at Zona Zealots love to get to know our incoming Arizona Football commits and recruits. Fans have had to endure some disappointing news lately, so we felt they needed a lift. Who better to put our smiles on our face than inside linebacker commit Joshua Brown (6-foot-2. 235) out of Long Beach Poly in Calizona.

The incoming freshman is the fourth in the Brown line of five namesakes. He may be the most intense and enjoyable of the Browns children.

Here is our exclusive interview with our Arizona Commit:

I just wanted to give you a chance to set fans minds at ease with all this movement in commits) As far as your commitment, I assume you are fully committed to Arizona? 

Arizona Wildcats
Arizona Wildcats /

Arizona Wildcats

I am 100 percent ARIZONA I REPEAT 100 percent! Let the world know!


Tell me about your season playing for Long Beach Poly! What’s it been like and what is your personal highlight of last season, something you are proud of and will never forget?

It’s been the best experience you could have as a high school kid having 2 linebackers coaches who have gone to the NFL and know how to play the game at the highest level that has been a blessing , my personal highlight would have to be when I jumped over the whole line of scrimmage  and grabbed the QB on the goal line and my next favorite would be running my first punt back ever lol, proud of making new friends/brothers in the team a special bond that will never be broken.

What do you do in training that makes you such a great lineman? And why an inside linebacker? What is it about that position or are you open to playing other positions at Arizona?

I just work hard and push myself to next limit; God gave me this talent I just need to put the work in and I’m running track in the off-season.

I’m open to playing every position possible I was told I would be playing inside linebacker by Arizona Defensive Coordinator, Coach Yates , I love playing inside linebacker I feel like I run the show I’m the heart of the defense I need to make the right calls and be the energizer bunny , I love hitting people too lol defense is just in my blood lol I feel like I’m a savage.

Do you have a nickname?

JB is my nickname.

Note: We told him we like the nickname “Savage.”

Let’s do savage then!

Okay, who do you pattern your game after? Pro player? College Player? 

Willie McGinest, Antonio Pierce, Lavar Arrington and my big bro Jayon Brown who just finished his senior year at UCLA.

Did Y’all know that? Love that JB chose Arizona!

Tell us a little bit about your family?

I have three older brothers, Jason, Juwuan, Jayon and one baby sister Taniya. We all have the same Mom and dad. My parent’s names are Tracy and Jason Brown, and they have been married for 28 years.

In the holidays; we just love to spend time together and enjoy each others company. On Sundays, we usually have a good dinner together.

Our favorite song to play around Christmas is Santa Claus is Coming Straight to the Ghetto by the Dogg Pound, lol.

What’s your favorite hobby and/or talent outside of football?

As far as a hobby, I love to watch good movies and spend time with close friends and family. I am very interested in fashion and music also.

We dove further…

As far as fashion, what did you think of Cam Newton’s attire on Sunday? Do you like Dwayne Wade’s style better?

Nah, he [Cam] was doing too much lol! Dwayne Wade has a good style; I just can’t do what he does cuz it’s too tight for me, I’m a big guy lol! [Thank the Lord for that!]

And who’s your top favorite music artists? How about Country Music?

Top music artist hard I love Travis Scott, but top is hard I have to say Kanye, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Future the best out right now lol but my best artist ever is Michael Jackson

Wow that is so hard I’m going to go with ‘Remember the Time,’ I love that video.

I can’t do country music lol.

What are you looking forward to the most at Arizona? What message do you have for Arizona Wildcats fans? 

I’m looking forward to going to college that’s alone is just a blessing. My message is that things will change around soon (meaning we will win more lol) and I hope never to lose to ASU ever!

I have one jacket I got from a friend, and I gave it to my momma. I have no gear, lmao, isn’t that crazy?

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Well JB, it’s been a blast getting to know you and us at Zona Zealots cannot wait to cheer you on in your college career and beyond. Welcome to Wildcats Nation and BEARDOWN!