Arizona Basketball: Top 10 McKale Center Wildcat dunks since 2000

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No. 2 Rawle Alkins Red and Blue Dunk Contest

During the Red and Blue Dunk contest, Alkins made a statement not only to the country, but to Coach Sean Miller. Prior to the dunk, Alkins did get permission from his coach to perform the dunk, but on one condition (Said by Coach Miller prior to the dunk):

"‘We cut a deal, he lets me make him play defense, I let him do that dunk’"

He did hold up to his promise to his coach, finishing the season as one of the premier defenders and being named to the Pac 12 All Freshman Team.

The dunk itself incorporated trust between athlete and coach. Miller held the ball over his head as Alkins leaped over his head, grabbed the ball and dunked it!