Former Wildcat Nick Folk shines in his AAF League debut

Tempe, AZ- Making a debut in the newly created Alliance of American Football League, former Wildcat Nick Folk shines for the Arizona Hotshots.

In the long-anticipated debut of the Alliance of American Football (AAF), one former Wildcat made his appearance as well. After a long, 11-year stint in the NFL, former Wildcat kicker Nick Folk returned to the great state of Arizona, kicking for the ‘Hotshots’.

Making his debut for the Arizona Hotshots, Folk hasn’t played football since 2017, when he last played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite being away from the sport, he surely didn’t seem to miss a beat, impressing on Sunday evening.

Used as bit of a development league, the AAF is supposed to help players transition to and from the NFL, with fairly similar rules. However, there are a few, subtle differences.

Not really deemed a ‘kickers league’, the biggest difference is that there are no kick-offs in the AAF. Instead, each team gets the ball at their own 25-yard line to start each possession.

Additionally, there are no extra points, only two-point conversions after touchdowns.

However, there are still field-goal attempts for kickers. Given the rule differences, this makes the games very interesting.

On Sunday night playing inside Sun Devil Stadium (Tempe, AZ) to begin the season, the Hotshots took on the visiting Salt Lake City Stallions.

Looking quite dominate from the beginning, the former Wildcat in Folk would also get in on the action, showing he still has some leg.

A standout at Arizona and former Pro-Bowler, Folk finished the game converting on two of three attempts, even hitting a game long from 53-yards to put the Hotshots up 19-8.

The savvy veteran was a part of the 38-22 win for Arizona and looked good for his first game back in quite some time!

At Zona Zealots, we’re excited for the AAF and are anxious to see how this league continues to progress! Bear Down, Arizona!