Former Wildcats to play in the NFL’s championship games this weekend

The NFL season is slowly winding down, and while just a few teams remain, a few Former Wildcats look to help their teams get to the Super Bowl!

Yes, we are all aware Arizona Football action is long over at this point, but for those still itching for some football action, especially from our Former Wildcats, you will certainly get your chance this weekend!

In case you weren’t aware, the NFL seasons’ end is drawing near, and with just a couple weeks left until Super Bowl Sunday, only four teams remain; the Green Bay Packers, the San Francisco 49ers, the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Interestingly enough, littered among the remaining four teams in the NFL Championship round, are a few former Wildcats.

While this shouldn’t come as a shock to many, Arizona doesn’t have the illustrious football history compared to that of the Alabama’s, the LSU’s, etc. but comparatively speaking, the Wildcats have seemingly fared well by putting some solid pros in the league from time-to-time.

Over the years, we’ve seen some Wildcats having a major impact on some of the biggest stages, and with this weekends action, that should once again be no different.

Most notably still left in the playoffs from Arizona are; Earl Mitchell (49ers), Reggie Gilbert (Titans) and Dane Cruikshank (Titans).

So as those respective teams take to the field this weekend, our Cats will have the chance to once again, shine the brightest on one of the biggest stages.

As we should all be aware, for the past two seasons, our Wildcats have turned in some dominating performances.

Former Wildcat Nick Foles put in one hell of a performance to win the MVP for the then Super Bowl Champion, Philadelphia Eagles.

Rob Gronkowski had a great exclamation point to end his career, helping the New England Patriots secure another Super Bowl.

We will see if our Cats can help their respective teams hoist the Lombardy Trophy at the end of it all! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!



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