Success of Arizona Baseball in 2020 is contingent on better pitching

The 2020 Arizona Baseball season is just around the corner, and as the Wildcats prepare for their year, their success is contingent on better pitching.

Who’s ready for some Arizona Baseball? Well we are, and luckily for us we’re just 25 days away until the official start of the 2020 season.

Once again expectations are high, but as we’ve learned over the past two seasons, it’s that anything can happen.

For those who haven’t paid attention or need reminding, the last two seasons have been incredibly frustrating to say the least. With the Wildcats seemingly coming within a breath of making the NCAA Post season each of the last two seasons, how Arizona finished the past two years is what makes it all the more frustrating. .

Despite finishing with a combined 66-46 record, Arizona’s play has resulted in zero tournament appearances.

To make matters worse, since the Wildcats’ first season under head coach Jay Johnson, it seems as if the play of the team has somewhat diminished.

Now granted making it to the ‘Round of 64′ and beyond isn’t easy, but the overall results from the last two seasons should at least be concerning nonetheless.

Highlighted over the past two seasons was the Wildcats’ struggles on the mound. They undoubtedly have had a great offense, and come 2020, they are once again poised to have a strong offensive unit.

But now can the Wildcats start to turn around their pitching woes? Well, if they are to be successful, they need to!

Luckily, coach Johnson is aware of his issues and he is addressing it quickly. So far this off season, he’s added pitching coach guru, Nate Yeskie (formerly an assistant at the perennially talented Oregon State).

Additionally, the Wildcats have added some more talented arms to the roster, most notably adding former Alabama pitcher, Davis Vainer.

On paper, this should be a good team, and just having Yeskie should help this group immensely. Either way, we’re just hoping for improved play.

At Zona Zealots, we’re more than excited about the upcoming baseball season and hope the Wildcats can possibly get back to Omaha! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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