Want to relive the Arizona Basketball Championship? You can soon!

For those still in need of sports, well there’s more good content coming, especially as CBS will re-air the 1997 Arizona Basketball Championship!

There’s no doubt it’s been a rather long and slow few days without sports, and as many people are looking for content to watch and or read. Well, for those looking for more Arizona Basketball even during this break, well you’re in luck, because soon there will be stuff to watch!

During this break in sports, CBS announced that it is beginning to re-air classic Tournament games to help pass the time, giving fans a little bit of their March Madness fix.

This is certainly a great move by CBS, and if you’re like myself and have those nostalgic feelings about classic games then you will love what’s coming.

On March 29, CBS is going to air the best game of all, the one that I’m sure all Wildcat fans, Arizona Wildcat fans that is, will love most… the 1997 NCAA Championship.

That’s right, at 12:30 pm MST/ 11:30 am PST, CBS will re-air the 1997 Championship between Arizona and Kentucky!

While we’re on that topic, can you believe it’s been 23 years already since the Wildcats were Champions? Even with all the uncertainty happening in Sports right now, one thing is still certain, the Arizona Wildcats are still the 1997 NCAA Champions!

And in just a week, you can relive those amazing moments in which the No. 4 seeded Wildcats knocked off their third, No. 1 seed in the Tournament.

You can watch Miles Simon help lead the Cats, en route to an NCAA Tournament MVP and Championship, by scoring 30 points in that 85-79 overtime win!

Mike Bibby of course wouldn’t be shadowed in this one either, especially as he turned in a 19-point, nine-rebound and four-assist performance!

Together, the tow would make for one of the most dominant and dynamic back courts Arizona has ever scene, delivering arguably the best moment in Arizona Wildcats sports history!

Here are some highlights for you to watch!

At Zona Zealots, we’re excited to have a chance to relive the glory, and of course have something to do during this no sports hiatus! As always, Bear Down, Arizona and stay safe out there!



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