Why Aari McDonald should return for one more year

With an abrupt end to the 2019-20 Arizona Women’s Basketball season, there’s a good case to make for Aari McDonald to come back next year!

I know it’s so long away to even start looking at next season, but we can’t help it. We can’t help but imagining what could have been had Aari McDonald and the Wildcats played in the NCAA Tournament.

Wrapping up their best season since arguably the 1997-98 season, things were unfortunately derailed before the real fun would start happening.

Another terrific season by McDonald was all for not as the redshirt junior didn’t get a chance to compete on the National stage in the tournament.

Instead she had to settle, and now after a terrific collegiate career thus far, she will have some tough choices to make.

As it stands, no one really seems to know which way Aari is leaning at this point, but we got to say we are intrigued by the point that Ryan Kelapire made with Arizona Desert Swarm, in that maybe Aari will come back, and that her potential return was hinted by head coach Adia Barnes.

It’s worth noting that Aari really isn’t projected to go in any WNBA Mock Drafts as of yet, but that’s also likely due to the fact she hasn’t declared.

But nonetheless, we’re sure her decision is going to be a tough one!

As we all know, Aari has already graduated, she’s now engaged and has already proven herself to be one of the best players in the conference and nation that isn’t named Sabrina Ionescu.

Her accolades speak for them self, however, there are a couple things to keep in mind if she were to come back.

Automatically, she would likely be the best player in the conference next year. You would have to assume the Wildcats will be ranked in the Top 25 and poised to have another great year, but additionally, McDonald could presumably work towards more schooling, continue to develop her game, and arguably go down as the best Arizona Women’s Basketball player of all-time!

Those are some major things to consider, and I understand this likely won’t be an easy decision for her, but we can’t help but dream for now!

Either way, at Zona Zealots, we’re excited for Aari and can’t wait to see what happens. No matter what, we will wish her to find continued success! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!


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