Aaron Gordon looks to help his local community during crisis

Amidst growing concerns of the spread of Corona Virus, former Wildcat Aaron Gordon stands to make a positive impact, helping those in need.

Albert Einstein once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” In a time where most people are concerned more about themselves more than others, our former Wildcat Aaron Gordon is unlike most.

Amidst the growing concerns of the spread of Corona Virus, many have done their best to step up to help others, one of the most notable and most recent being our very own in Aaron Gordon.

In a time of instability and uncertainty, Aaron seems to be doing his best to do for others.

On Thursday, the former Wildcat super star announced that he would be donating some of his money to help homeless students throughout the Orlando area for the local, Orange County Public Schools.

A move that certainly wasn’t required or asked of him by any means, but Aaron felt it was necessary to do his part to help out.

Aaron has always been a young man of high character, and it’s apparent he’s been a great representation of not only those around him, but to the University of Arizona as well!

It’s good to see him continue to make a positive impact, and represent himself and others in a first-class manner.

While this isn’t to serve as a ‘pat on the back to Aaron’ for a job well done, but more so to remind folks that even during these times, it’s important to count your blessings, and if you have any ability to help others and be a positive impact in peoples’ lives, always do your best to do so.

He is certainly leading by example in a great way, and I think that is the greater message to take from this.

Anyways, at Zona Zealots, we are proud of our Wildcat for stepping up when it mattered most, and hope others can do the same! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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