Arizona Basketball: HBO’s ‘The Scheme’ aired, and here’s what we know

Amid the break in College Athletics, the Arizona Basketball program has had a busy 48 hours, as HBO’s ‘The Scheme’ finally debuted on Tuesday evening.

Those longing for more drama from the seemingly outdated FBI Investigation, probably got more than they bargained for, if they caught the airing of HBO’s ‘The Scheme’ last night.

Billed by some as the end to Arizona Basketball and head coach Sean Miller, there was no getting around the bad optics of the two-hour documentary.

However, that’s all it was… optics.

As we approach year three in this ongoing saga, we basically know nothing new, other than the fact Coach Miller has a bit of a potty mouth.

Almost everything we already knew about the conversations with Book Richardson, Miller and the now convicted, Christian Dawkins, was already in the transcripts that have been available for awhile now.

All this documentary showed was how inept the FBI was, how much of a waste of time the investigation was, and more insinuations by a guy who’s already been in trouble for lying.

This isn’t just some homerism by an Arizona site, claiming ‘Sean Miller is innocent’. No, because again if you were to look at all the facts known here, what’s been presented, etc. there still isn’t enough to say Sean knowingly broke any rules, or he acted in any illegal way.

Just because there’s now tapes, it still doesn’t change the fact it’s literally the same information we were all privy to, prior to the airing of the Documentary.

If won’t take it from us, perhaps take it from some of the reactions of other media members via social media.

Dan Wolken – Columnist USA Today

Roxy Bernstein – ESPN

Matt Moreno – GOAZCats

Again, I’m not denying the optics. I get that having you’re coach on tape is not a good look, but again, there are no receipts of any money exchanged, no verifiable proof that Miller and Arizona was paying players, just more insinuations based off vague conversations.


Besides, even if the school were to take the moral high ground here, it’s not like it’s in an optimal financial position to move on anyways.

At Zona Zealots, we’re still sticking by coach because there isn’t anything new that’s been presented. Until things change, our position isn’t changing. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!


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