Arizona Athletics to experience $7.5 million shortfall this year

Amid the Corona Virus hiatus, more bad news is coming, especially as the Arizona Athletics Department will experience a $7.5 million shortfall.

Things are not so great in the Old Southwest. After the Corona Virus pandemic virtually shut down all sports, it’s having a major impact financially across the World, with Arizona Athletics being affected as well.

For starters, it’s no secret that the Tucson Community and the Arizona Athletic Department have a unique relationship as they thrive cohesively and dependently with each other. Both see a significant, financial impact when the community is doing well and the department is doing well and vice versa.

Well, over the last month or so, it shouldn’t be all that surprising that Arizona Athletics has been impacted significantly from a financial perspective, especially as the Corona Virus pandemic started to shut everything down.

The Men’s basketball team was expected to make the NCAA Tournament, bringing in substantial revenue, the Women’s basketball team was likely set to host the first two rounds of their NCAA Tournament, and the Baseball and Softball teams were likely poised for productive seasons. All for not.

As a result to the pandemic, there was a memo sent out by Arizona Athletics as they predict that there will likely see a $7.5 million shortfall this year.

For a large market school like UCLA, USC, etc. or even a high revenue school like a Texas or Ohio State, a loss like this could be easily overcome. However, for a school like Arizona, it’s significant.

With all the planned building they had around the school, etc. that all gets halted. And for all you “Fire Sumlin” or “Fire Miller” pitch forkers, that’s not going to happen. No way could the University afford that.

So for now, pray that there actually is a football season, or this could get much uglier for the Athletic Department. Even with the programs’ shortcomings, Football brings in a lot of revenue that helps support all the other sports around campus.

At Zona Zealots, we’re hoping things can get back to normal as soon and as safely as possible and hope the Arizona Athletic Department can rebound quickly! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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