Arizona Basketball to virtually host five-star forward Paolo Banchero

Adjusting to the changes in recruiting due to Corona Virus, the Arizona Basketball team will virtually host five-star forward, Paolo Banchero.

As teams adjust to the ever changing circumstances due to the Corona Virus, Arizona Basketball is finding ways to get creative to still stay competitive in recruiting. One way the Wildcats are doing so is by hosting five-star forward, Paolo Banchero.

It wasn’t long ago that Arizona offered the Seattle-area forward, immediately making his Top 10. Now the Wildcats will look to stay competitive and relevant with Paolo as they work to build relationships and take him through the normal recruiting process.

The only thing is that nothing is seemingly normal at the moment.

As you may recall, the NCAA essentially extended the “quiet period”, so with no campus visits really happening at this point, schools are getting creative in how they are “hosting” recruits. One of those schools that is getting creative seems to be Arizona!

On Tuesday, it was announced that the Wildcats will play host for Paolo in addition to Kentucky, albeit the visit being held virtually.

Now I’m not sure exactly how that visit will be conducted or how it will go, but nonetheless this is a good thing for Arizona. You always have better chances with a recruit when you are able to “host” them, rather than not being able to get this far in a recruitment. So for now, this will have to do, and shows that Arizona is adapting to their circumstance.

Luckily with Paolo being a 2021 recruit, there’s still plenty of time to be able to get him on campus, once this all settles down.

Make no mistake though, he’s a tremendous player that the Wildcats will need to fight tooth and nail for if they hope to have any chance.

I know there has been a lot of debate lately as to whether Arizona should continue to recruit five-stars heavily, but Paolo is the type of talent they could surely use!

I mean just look at what he can do!

Anyways, at Zona Zealots, we’re hopeful the Cats can continue to gain ground in this one recruitment! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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