Arizona Basketball offers four-star guard, Jahmai Mashack

Even though the Arizona Basketball team is still recruiting for 2020, the Wildcats are making offers for 2021, with the most recent going to Jahmai Mashack.

You wanted offers to less five-star players and more offers to players that will more likely be here long-term, well it looks like you’re getting it. Especially as the most recent offer went to Jahmai Mashack!

Making news on the recruiting front on Wednesday afternoon was the Wildcats finally making an offer to Jahmai. 

Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should at least a little, as Jahmai is not only the talented four-star guard from Etiwanda High School, but he’s also the younger brother to former Arizona Football player, Kwesi Mashack.

Standing 6-feet-4-inches and 190 pounds, he’s a bit unlike his brother Kwesi in stature, but is nonetheless also a great athlete.

Already receiving offers from Colorado, Oklahoma and Utah among others, so you got to think the Wildcats were smart to offer here not only because of Jahmai’s connection to the University of Arizona, but also because he is a good combo guard!

So why do we like this offer? Well for starters, Jahmai has great size and length, and is a good two-way player that will likely have his game translate well at the next level, and can use his length and athleticism to guard the 1-3 positions.

Additionally, he also brings a well-rounded offensive game that will only continue to develop. If he does that, he will be able to likely project as a high level contributor and eventual starter. Given those qualities, you can surely see why head coach Sean Miller made the offer!

Just look for yourself!

At Zona Zealots, we’re happy about the offer and are happy for Jahmai and are anxious to see how this recruitment plays out! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!