Arizona Athletics gets awarded grant for Mental Health initiative

With the ever growing importance regarding health, the Arizona Athletics Department is leading the conference in driving the mental health initiative.

Student athletes are incredibly vital for the success of any College Athletic Department, and for Arizona Athletics that’s especially true. The overall success of the department is dependent on and paramount to the investment in the student athlete not only in sports and academics, but in their overall well being as well.

And one of the cool things that the University of Arizona is doing to invest in their student athletes, is by providing mental health screenings in collaboration with the Psychology Department at the University.

For those that maybe missed that bit of news, the Arizona Athletics Department announced last week that they have been awarded a grant, which will help in funding for those mental health screenings. Even cooler is that Arizona will be leading the initiative for the entire Pac-12 Conference!

Now that’s really amazing stuff if you ask me… even though I may be a bit biased here.

I know mental health has been an issue that hasn’t been taken as seriously as it’s should have been, at least not until recently. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the school investing heavily here and making a concerted effort to invoke change across the board.

According to the Athletic Department, they [school administrators] will be “supporting student-athlete mental health through a variety of initiatives and research.” With the goal of course being better outcomes for student athletes perhaps struggling in these areas.

The fact that the school will also be leading the charge in improving the mental health initiative in the conference just makes it all the sweeter! Because when the going gets tough, the tough Bear Down!

Anyways, at Zona Zealots, we’re incredibly proud of our Wildcats in being the pioneers in such a serious matter, and can’t wait to see how this all pans out! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!





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