Likely reasons why Arizona Football is having trouble recruiting in 2021

With the focus turning to 2021 recruiting, the Arizona Football team has had its fare of struggles thus far, and we analyze why that’s likely the case.

It’s been a few months since the Arizona Football team had its signing day for 2020, so now the focus has been on the recruiting class of 2021.

As you may have seen, the Wildcats rank dead last in the Pac-12 in recruiting at this point (surprise, surprise), and coincidentally enough, they are the only Power Five school to not have a commitment for 2021 either.

So what is going on, and why is Arizona having struggles early on? Well, let’s take a look…

First off, I must say it is still early (May 5) and signing day isn’t until February 2021, so technically speaking, that’s a long ways away and a lot can happen until then. At this point last year, Arizona only had two commits, Will Plummer and Khary Crump, Jr. So at this point, there is time still.

Additionally, we got to admit that a major factor has to due with the Corona Virus pandemic going on. Of course numerous other teams already have commits for 2021 and are seemingly un-phased by all that’s going on, but remember, Arizona isn’t like a lot of other schools.

Visits are a big deal if you’re the Wildcats, so with no on-campus visits happening at this point, that makes recruiting extremely difficult for a team like Arizona.

Lastly, and this is probably the most glaring issue, but Kevin Sumlin is on the hot seat. When you go 9-15 in your first two seasons, fans, administration, etc. are not going to be happy about the results thus far, and reasonably so.

You got to think that that is playing a factor in the minds of recruits. It make it especially hard to commit to a team, a school, and more specifically a program, when there’s a possibility that that coach might not be there in 6-7 months.

Hopefully the players are more interested in playing for the school more than they are the coach, but that logic is of course a bit biased.

Either way, at Zona Zealots, we’re just hoping the Cats can turn it around and hope the Wildcats can put together a solid class and season! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!


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