Jemarl Baker was hampered by knee injuries in 2019-20

The 2019-20 Arizona Basketball season is long gone at this point, and as we move towards 2020-21, turns out Jemarl Baker wasn’t so healthy last season.

It’s never good looking back and asking yourself what could have been? Especially if your Jemarl Baker and the Arizona Basketball team.

At this point, we all know that last year didn’t quite to live up to the lofty goals set by fans and the media.

A team billed as a potential Final Four contender last season, the Wildcats were marred by inconsistencies as they stumbled to an unprecedented fifth place finish in the Pac-12.

However, we truly won’t know how this team would have fared in the NCAA Tournament, as it was cancelled due to the growing concern of Corona Virus.

Whatever the case, the team never seemed like they could ever truly turn it on and play a consistent brand of “Arizona Basketball”.

Well it appears the Wildcats may have been even more disadvantaged last season than we thought.

In Sean Miller’s interview with Arizona play-by-play analyst Brian Jeffries, Miller talked at length about a myriad of things from; expectations for Jordan Brown next season and the 2020 recruiting class. But even more eye-opening was that Baker actually played hurt last season.

Yes, that’s right, Baker was the incoming transfer from Kentucky that was fortunately able to play. And while his stats weren’t the greatest on the team, his impact was surely felt nonetheless. Well, it seems like we perhaps could have gotten more from him.

Baker apparently was hampered by knee injuries which he battled through all last season, leaving him at less than 100 percent. Imagine having him at 100 percent? Who knows what could have happened!

Hopefully in 2020-21, Baker will be completely healthy and the Wildcats at full strength!

At Zona Zealots, we’re curious to see how the Wildcats look next season and can’t wait for Arizona Basketball action!