Dave Heeke says Arizona Football has intention to play in fall

The Arizona Football season is still months away, and some are questioning if one will even happen. Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke says they intend to play.

It’s long ways away until the Arizona Football would kick-off the 2020 season, and with some schools already voicing their concerns, Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke announced that Arizona intends to play this year.

We are in crazy times and it’s been months since we’ve seen any sports at this point, and I know fans like myself are just itching for a sense of normalcy.

At this point, I know it’s hard to know what tomorrow will hold, let alone three-to-four months from now. All I know is that the Covid crisis has been a rather serious one, and it’s had a major impact (certainly financially) on Arizona Athletics.

If you recall, we talked recently about the impact of potentially not having an Arizona Football season, and why having one period is important not only for the school, but for the community. 

Well, with some schools erring on the side of caution in particular the California schools announcing that there may not be an upcoming football season, Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke announced that Arizona intends to have one. 

Personally, I commend Heeke in announcing this. I understand the cautions regarding Covid and the impact it’s had, but as a non-medical professional, take my opinion with a grain of salt, but you can’t complete avoid the virus.

The idea of shutting everything down was to flatten the curve so as to not overwhelm our medical facilities and professionals. You can’t make the virus go away, and we may be months if not even longer in finding a vaccination. For now our new normal should be limiting face-to-face contact, and increased hygiene and preventative measures in preventing spread.

So how can it be accomplished at football games? I don’t know what Heeke’s plan is, but reduced attendance could be one option, or having fans wear face coverings. Perhaps that could help?

All I know is having no season would be far more detrimental (think financial impact) than having one with reduced attendance numbers.

At Zona Zealots, we’re just hoping for a safe and productive season and hope one can be played, but only if it’s not at the expense of players. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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