NCAA approving voluntary activities would benefit Arizona Athletics

Already weeks into the Covid pandemic, luckily it seems things are somewhat returning to normal for Arizona Athletics as the NCAA approves voluntary activities.

As we get further and further into the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps we could be returning to some sense of normalcy, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing for Arizona Athletics.

In case you weren’t aware, Yahoo sports writer Pete Thamel revealed via social media on Wednesday afternoon, that the “NCAA Division I Council voted to approve voluntary athletic activities in Football, Men’s Basketball and Women’s Basketball to start June 1st and go through June 30th.”

Basically what it means is that workouts/ activities can resume, perhaps signaling some good news for programs hoping to not have their seasons impacted.

While that may be true for some schools, “Pac-12 presidents will decide next week whether or not to lift suspension of team activities” according to Mercury News’ John Wilner.

Either way, again this is certainly some positive news that shows that we could perhaps soon be returning to a sense of normalcy.

We all know that Spring Football and all other sports were cancelled due to growing concerns of the pandemic, which was rather unfortunate for Arizona specifically, since the football team was looking to integrate multiple, newly hired position coaches. Having that time would have been invaluable.

Luckily, it seems like workouts could soon be allowed, and that’s a good thing. Granted Arizona Football will benefit greatly, since they are still projected to have a season, but the ruling is also beneficial for the Arizona Men and Women’s Basketball programs as well.

While both squads return some talent, they also will be integrating some new talent as well. Assuming those incoming athletes will be here in June, allowing them participate in voluntary workouts will help them to get acclimated quicker!

Anyways, at Zona Zealots, we’re encouraged by the news and hope Arizona Athletics can return quickly and safely! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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