Arizona Basketball: Power Forward Ira Lee lends his voice to spark change

Arizona Basketball is not immune to world events, especially when it comes to Black Lives Matter and equality. Ira Lee shared his solidarity by singing out days after his coach made a statement

Arizona Basketball Head Coach Sean Miller published a statement on Twitter about Racism and his support for his student athletes. A few days later, power forward Ira Lee wrote lyrics and sang them out asking us to unite with him and express his feelings.

Coach Miller’s statements on Twitter included the following:

“I am deeply saddened by the senseless act that cost George Floyd his life several days ago. Unfortunately, this incident reflects a bigger issue in today’s society: racism. The hatred that accompanies racism destroys everything in its path. There is no place for it anywhere in the world.

I fully support all our players that are active in promoting positive changes to society in a peaceful and meaningful manner. I look forward to listening to them, and I am committed to working together with them to do my part to help create a better future.”

Wanting to make his voice heard, Ira shared his talent for signing, and his lyrics moved us. Included in the Tweet was his thoughts:

“When I say “We” I speak for all my black brothers and sisters! I have much love for all of you and I just want you guys to know if we keep sticking together we will break down these walls to capture the change we have always wanted.”

The music industry spent Tuesday, June 2nd, not working on their business, but working on getting educated on systemic racism, equality and police brutality to support the effort to listen and learn about a subject which is really difficult to speak about.

In cities across America and all over the world including Germany, England, Italy and New Zealand, there have been huge demonstrations to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

One thing that was discussed a lot on social media was the difference between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Chiney Ogwumike (former Stanford Basketball and current WNBA Player as well as WNBA Players representative) explained it. “It’s about a level playing field, because all lives cannot matter unless Black Lives matter equally. I think that’s what athletes and activists are really just trying to say,” explains Ogwumike in this interview:

Add Ira Lee’s name to countless others including; Demarcus Cousins, Stephen Jackson Jr., Klay Thompson and Steph Curry who marched in Oakland. LeBron James and Lee are more than an athlete, and Lee is standing up to make a statement and sang from the heart.

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It’s times like these that test our humanity, and it brings the issue to the surface for Wildcats fans when their athletes have the courage to speak out. Ira has a gift for writing and singing and we appreciate him sharing his heart with us. I, for one Ira, will hold your hand and unite with you to help unite the country and all races. After all we are all of the same race, the Human Race.

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