Arizona Wildcats Soccer and the Future of the Program

As Covid continues to rise in Arizona, and much of the conversation dictated around Arizona Football, what does the future hold for Arizona Soccer?

In this day and age we’ve seen the Pandemic sweeping around the world and right here in own backyards. We can only hope for what’s best for everyone who is battling this virus, however, it is a concern for those who are playing sports, especially soccer, since that is the Global Game for nearly every country. There’s certainly great concern with Arizona Soccer as well!

The sport has so many loyal fans, it count all the people that follow the sport. And never mind the games that are being watched by billions in homes, shops, places of work, schools, and on street corners all around the world by fans. If they’re not watching the games, they have some form of a radio that they’re listening to follow the biggest matches in the world.

However, because of the Lockdowns back in March to help contain the spread of the Novel Corona Virus, the virus has had a major impact on just about everything!

You’ve seen it in professional sports, where teams have had to suspend their seasons amid the crisis around the world, but luckily some leagues have been opening up to play again, resuming their seasons without fans.

So much has been talked about Arizona’s major sports like football and basketball, that we haven’t really looked at many of the other upcoming sports! With Covid rising, how would that look or impact Arizona Soccer? What if the players coming in won’t see their fans in the stands cheering them on?

So much is unknown of what kind of an impact this pandemic will have on future recruits, the budget of the University of Arizona, the Athletics Department, etc.

In my opinion, I think that this will have a major impact on how we see the Cats play in the near future. The team usually has year-round training, since they typically arrive on campus early, and the model was always for them to Train Now, and Win Now.

But what if they are delayed in arriving to campus, or the season gets pushed out?

Last year was undoubtedly a success as they were able to make it to the NCAA Tournament, compiling at 12-7-1 record, going 5-5-1 in the Pac-12. The Wildcats even put up a fight, before losing early in the second round.

Perhaps the good thing for them, is that they will have a lot of talented players coming in to help this team in hopefully making it back to the NCAA Tournament. So perhaps that ramp-up time won’t be so severe!

So, here’s to the future of the Arizona Women’s Soccer team. They deserve a break from a hard year of travel restrictions, and not being able to train like they need to early on in the year after their Spring Games.

You can find out more on the Arizona Athletic’s websiteor you can always follow us here at Zona Zealots to hear more about Arizona Soccer and more! Stay safe, and Bear Down Arizona fans!

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