Former Wildcat Solomon Hill calls out ESPN on their hypocrisy

As things seem to die down with the Zion Williamson drama, former Wildcat Solomon Hill calls out ESPN for their hypocrisy in reporting the news.

It’s been a few weeks since we first learned about the Zion Williamson allegations, and with the media still not really reporting on it, former Wildcat Solomon Hill calls out ESPN and the media on their hypocrisy.

In case you haven’t paid attention, the talented, former Duke star had been accused of taking impermissible benefits while at Duke. Zion’s former attorney, Gina Ford is suing her former client over the allegations, in the hopes he will admit to receiving all that has been alleged.

Now as you may recall, when allegations were first alleged for Arizona Basketball, the media reaction was very different. In fact it still is. For some reason, there are a number of individuals that seemingly have it out for Sean Miller and Arizona. Why?

It’s really hard to say. Do those media members have information no one else does? Are they too prideful to admit they were wrong and reacted too quickly? Who knows!

However, one individual who isn’t being quiet about the matter, is former Wildcat, Solomon Hill. A standout at Arizona from 2009-13, and a multi-year player in the NBA at this point, Hill has been very vocal in speaking out.

Last week, the former Wildcat star took to social media to express his discontent on the whole situation, and how there is a bit of hypocrisy in the way the Zion allegations were reported versus Arizona’s particular situation.

If I’m being honest, I think Solomon is right. There surely has been a stark contrast between the two situations here and the way they’ve been reported, and we’ve already outlined that before!

You can get into the nitty-gritty details and compare and see these allegations aren’t exactly the same, but nonetheless, it seemed many were ready to criticize Deandre Ayton without knowing the facts.

Did they learn their lesson about jumping in too early, or is their a clear bias?

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