Opinion: Arizona Athletics needs to demand more from Nike

As UCLA gets dropped by Under Armour in their partnership, that got me thinking that Arizona Athletics needs to start demanding more from Nike.

College Athletics is certainly big business, and although I may be a bit biased here, I feel Arizona Athletics has a lot to offer, especially for Nike, and it’s time they take notice.

So what has made me come up with this stance? Well, as it was announced via social media on Saturday, it’s that the large, sports apparel outfitter Under Armour has dropped UCLA, ending the once hopefully prosperous relationship.

Yes, the large school in Southern California will have to look for a new outfitter, and makes you wonder why. Too much sports competition in the Los Angeles area? Is it because Under Armour is failing?

Either way, with their only options at this point virtually being Adidas, Nike or potentially Jordan Brand, chances are they will likely be fine.

So that got me thinking about Arizona’s current outfitter situation. As it stands, Arizona has had a great partnership with Nike over the years, and with ASU and NAU partnering with Adidas, we are the only major university with arguably the largest apparel company.

Tucson and the University of Arizona doesn’t really have much other sports competition, unless you consider an AHL Hockey team and an Indoor Football team major competition.

So why doesn’t Nike treat us better, despite us being their only major collegiate client in the state of Arizona?

From my personal opinion, I think what Nike has given us for football and basketball most recently has been crap. The quality looks cheap and tacky, and while I don’t expect the Oregon-level treatment, at least treat us like we’re you’re only major collegiate client in the state!

Adidas gives ASU roughly $4.2 million per year, meanwhile Arizona’s $3.1 million from Nike ranks near the bottom in the Pac-12. Awful!

Now I’m not saying Arizona needs to jump ship, however, I do think we need to start getting a little bit better treatment!

Anyways, this is just how I’m feeling. What are your thoughts?

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