Arizona AD Dave Heeke is confident Arizona Football will play

With the Corona Virus still impacting numerous athletic programs across the country, Dave Heeke believes that an Arizona Football season will still happen.

It has been a crazy few weeks for the Arizona Athletic department, and despite the non-conference game cancellations, or even the talks of potential season postponements, athletic director Dave Heeke is still confident that an Arizona Football season will still happen.

According to 247Sports’ Jason Scheer, Heeke appeared in an interview on Monday with Spanish Announcer, Francisco Romero. In the discussion, Heeke addressed several topics with Arizona Football certainly drawing the most attention.

Look, it’s no secret that we are in unprecedented times with the Corona Virus, and given the circumstances of everything, there is still a lot of unknown at this point, especially for the Arizona Football team, and I think it’s fair to assume that we can’t assume anything… as crazy as that sounds.

Over recent weeks, the school was being rather conservative in trying to reintegrate the football team on campus in stages, but with spikes in the number of positive Corona Virus cases in the state of Arizona, it has slowed things down. Naturally, the school decided to halt in bringing back any additional athletes for those voluntary workouts.

However, with the season still technically a couple of months away, it still is a bit preliminary to definitively say that there won’t be a season, and Heeke seems to believe that as well.

In fact, as he continued in his interview with Francisco yesterday, Heeke said he is “excited for football this year… again, our intention is to play football.”

However, the execution of it is what’s in question. “How it will roll out, we’re not quite sure yet,” he said, “but I think we’ll have a football season, I really do.”

Hopefully, he’s right, but we will see! You can watch that full interview here and as always, Bear Down!