Arizona Football needs to have a home-away series with ASU in 2020

As Arizona Football is set implement a 10-game season this fall, the Wildcats should try to play rival Arizona State in a home-away series for 2020!

In case you forgot, it was already announced that the Pac-12 is cancelling all non-conference football games, that meant Arizona Football would be seeing some big changes.

Recently, we highlighted what the Wildcats’ potential schedule could like in 2020. That is of course assuming the season goes on without a hitch, however, let me be abundantly clear that nothing is definitive as of yet.

Well, even though some have thought a fall season might be postponed, we’ve now learned that the conference will actually move to a 10-game schedule, and that schedule will likely be announced later this week.

As per college football insider Brett McMurphy, it’s believed that with Arizona’s open game, they will likely play Cal.

Not a bad thing by any means, but being a fan of Arizona Football and a fan of the intense rivalry between Arizona and ASU, I feel it would be a great opportunity to have a home-and-away series.

For one, given the unprecedented circumstances of everything, why not make 2020 even weirder. And with a once in a lifetime opportunity, instead of playing your rival once, let’s play them twice this season!

Two Territorial Cups? I’m for it! Plus, it would have it’s advantages, as it would limit Pac-12 travel even more. Instead of us playing at Berkley, or having them come here, we would only have to travel about 100 miles. Perhaps that same mentality can be applied for the other Pac-12 teams as well.

Now granted, I’m not saying this will be done, but just an idea. Even though it all seems but official at this point that Arizona is going to play Cal.

Anyways, at Zona Zealots, we’re still curious to see what transgresses in the next few weeks. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!