Players leaving Pac-12 isn’t just an Arizona Football problem

With the transfer market hitting the Wildcats hard, players leaving isn’t just an Arizona Football, in fact it is impacting a lot of other Pac-12 schools.

It has been a rather eventful past few months, and I know we are all just looking for a sense or normalcy again. For Arizona Football specifically, we’re just looking for a bit of stability again, especially given that the Wildcats have seen their fair share of transfers recently.

First it was Scottie Young, Jr. and Troy Young, then it was Tony Fields II, followed by Colin Schooler and Brenden Schooler. However, one thing that should be evident is that the circumstances of the transfers have been vastly different.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen the commentary and I’ve seen the reactions from fans, “it is all Kevin Sumlin’s fault”, right?

Look, while the man is surely at fault for going 9-15 in his first two seasons, let’s make one thing clear, what has transgressed over the past few months cannot be squarely put on him completely.

It is no secret that the Corona Virus has had a major impact on numerous programs across the country, and as we saw recently with the transfers of Colin and Brenden, those two left simply because they want to play.

Don’t believe me? Remember, the Schooler family came out prior to the Pac-12 postponing the fall season and gave their praise of Arizona Football.

Now, if they didn’t have faith in Sumlin and Arizona, why would they let Brenden come to Tucson, and not have their look to transfer even sooner?

Need more proof that this isn’t just an Arizona and Kevin Sumlin thing? Look around the Pac-12, as other players are leaving in mass exodus.

Here are just a few that are leaving due to the Pac-12 postponing football:

Now while Arizona does have it’s fair share of problems in getting guys to the league, the recent transfers are not just an Arizona thing, and it’s not entirely Sumlin’s fault that a few of our recent transfers have happened.

The point is, is that these are competitive kids that want to play, and with no fall season in the Pac-12, that means competing and trying to showcase your skills for the NFL is difficult to do when you can’t play. It is not like they’re going to another school that isn’t playing this year.

If the SEC, ACC and Big-12 play a full season without a hitch, this will look poorly on the Pac-12 Conference. And it’s even worse that the conferences’ best players are continuing to leave.


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