As the Big 10 looks to move up their season, what about the Pac-12 and Arizona Football?

It is quite the unusual off-season for Arizona Football and the Pac-12, but as the Big 10 looks to maybe move up its season, will the Pac-12 join?

It has been a rather hellacious past few weeks for college sports, especially as the Pac-12 has postponed its 2020 Football season due to Covid, impacting numerous teams including Arizona Football.

Coincidentally so did the Big 10 as well, just before the Pac-12’s decision, both of which have certainly sparked plenty of outrage. However, those are the only two major conferences. The ACC, the SEC, and the Big 12 are all still projected to play this year.

Now granted, that could all change and quickly dependent on the trajectory of Covid, but for now, it is plausible to think that the Big 10 and the Pac-12 made their decisions just a little too quickly.

Well, that is until today. Making news was that the Big 10 might be looking at lifting the postponement altogether, pushing their season up to either November or December potentially. This decision of course may be motivated by the lawsuits pushed by current Big 10 players.

Now, should that happen, my question is does the Pac-12 also follow suit, and do they look at potentially putting together a 2020 season after all, even if it is delayed until October or November?

I certainly don’t know the answer to that, however, if I were to bet on the likely outcome here I would assume that the Pac-12 still likely won’t have a season. Nonetheless, I can’t help but think that if a lot of the other conferences have “successful” seasons, this is going to look poorly on the Pac-12.

To me, if there was any conference that couldn’t stand to not have a season this year and look foolish on the national stage is the Pac-12.

Already we have seen numerous blunders from Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott, the gross overspending of the conference that has led to numerous firings, and that’s not to mention that the last National Championship won by a Pac-12 team was back in 2004.

Anyways, hopefully if it does work, and if the Pac-12 reconsiders and moves up their season, it’ll be because it is safe and made in good judgement. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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