Improved Covid testing in Pac-12 could have sports return soon

After months without College Sports, perhaps we could see sports soon return, especially as the Pac-12 is improving their Covid testing methods.

Good news folks, College Athletics could be soon returning! And in case you weren’t paying attention, the Pac-12 announced on Thursday afternoon that they have a “groundbreaking Covid-19 testing research initiative with Quidel Corporation.”

While I understand that that is a rather vague and convoluted statement, what it essentially all means is that improved testing methods are coming to the Pac-12, and that is a good thing.

For those that don’t know, Quidel Corporation is a diagnostic test leader, and working with them is a huge deal, especially as the partnership will allow for the Conference to provide daily Covid testing for its student-athletes. In return, they will receive quick results.

This now means that student-athletes that compete across every campus in the Conference, will have better testing methods, and more importantly better and more frequent access to testing… FINALLY!

So with the improved testing methods, not only does it mean better and more tangible ways of tracking and protecting student athletes, but it also likely means, more contact tracing, and less frequency of potentially positive student-athletes to spread Covid.

In essence, this gets us a step closer to seeing the Pac-12 return to action, without jeopardizing the health of the student-athletes, or unnecessarily putting them at risk for the sake of competition.

Also, according to the Pac-12 press release from Thursday, “Quidel’s Sofia 2 testing machines and tests are expected to be delivered to each of the Pac-12’s athletic departments by the end of September 2020.” They will also “evaluate the impact on return to competition scenarios.”

So while nothing is guaranteed even with the improved testing methods, however, it is still indeed a great step forward in potentially seeing college sports return!

While maybe to some, this may doesn’t seem like a big deal and may be a bit rushed, honestly I think it looks good on the Pac-12. They have heard the complaints, and they’re doing something about it. Now let’s hope it means Arizona Athletics returns soon too! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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