It’s time for Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson to become coaches!

Following rather solid professional playing careers, it is time for Former Wildcats Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson to become coaches!

Which Wildcat fans don’t love seeing the duo of Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson? Dating all the way back from their days from when Jefferson was at Arizona, helping recruit Channing to Tucson, the two have always shared a unique bond.

Both were prep stars in Phoenix, and coincidentally, both Channing and Richard would come to Arizona, becoming college basketball stars in the process.

While their careers didn’t quite overlap in Tucson, the two would eventually join each other in the NBA ranks, both seeing rather long and successful careers.

Now as Channing and Richard would both have different career trajectories, as fate would have it, the two would end up playing together in Cleveland, putting together a rather solid run with the Cavaliers.

It was from there that we saw their tandem come to life in not only their playing style, but also their jokes and antics. Together, the two bring joy to fans and it has been great seeing their careers take off.

However, that is all over now, especially as Channing and Richard have both retired from the NBA… as Champions. Since then, the two have been staying busy doing various things.

For Richard, he has had a reunion of sorts, returning to the Pac-12 to provide Basketball Analysis. As for Channing, he seems to stay busy these days, watching games and providing astute analysis of NBA Playoff games.

Look no further than him breaking down the final moments of the Houston Rockets/ Oklahoma City Thunder game seven match-up.

Now given their analysis, maybe this is a bold statement, but I feel it is time for them to look at becoming coaches.

Just hear me out, alright! Both are knowledgeable of the game, were once skilled players, and are able to connect with people on a personal level.

Besides, who doesn’t love seeing former Lute products join the coaching ranks? To me, I feel like they could make that transition!

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