The newly proposed NCAA Tournament is a bad idea

With the NCAA trying to re-start basketball action in the coming months, they are looking at proposing a full 346-Tournament, which is a bad idea.

After about a six-month hiatus from College Athletics, we’re getting closer and closer to the NCAA having College Basketball return.

When you consider that we were robbed of the 2020 NCAA Tournament, hopefully we will get back on track for the 2020-21 Season as Covid seemingly tampers down. However, at this time, there are still no firm dates when it comes to College Basketball returning, especially Arizona Basketball in particular.

As of now, there have been dates tossed around with November 25 likely being the return date, unfortunately for the Pac-12, the Conference still is slated to not return to action until January of 2021.

While unfortunate, the Pac-12 is considering a push up date, but at this time, I feel that there is so much that is unknown that is almost seems silly speculating it all.

However one thing that is being speculated that is rather silly is the NCAA potentially revising the NCAA Tournament this season.

Making news via social media on Wednesday afternoon, was that the ACC is proposing for the NCAA to potentially expand the NCAA Tournament to have 346 Division One Programs compete.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it is. And College Basketball fans like myself have been expressing their outrage on the matter, which is refreshing to see.

First off, we don’t how the next few months will pan out with Covid, especially as on-campus rates seem to be spiking again. Also, it seems like the ACC’s idea is already getting squashed.

I get the merit of the idea, especially as we may see shortened seasons, and could need more info to evaluate teams. However, I feel this would cheapen the Tournament. Teams that potentially have less than 10-wins shouldn’t be anywhere near playing in the post-season.

Besides, everyone already has a chance to play and win and potentially make the NCAA Tournament. We have an all-inclusive NCAA Tournament… the Conference Tournaments

Anyways, this is just how we feel. Let us know what you think! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!