Opinion: Former Sun Devil James Harden is not an NBA Superstar

Following yet another early playoff departure, it should be clear to all basketball fans that Former Sun Devil James Harden is not an NBA Superstar.

Who doesn’t love seeing former Sun Devils not succeeding on the National Stage? Especially when one of those former Sun Devils is James Harden.

Sadistic and childish? Yeah, maybe, but hey, I’m far from perfect, and I’m sure you would be hard-pressed to find any Sun Devil fan glad to see any former Wildcats succeeding in similar capacities.

After all, it is a rivalry and an extremely bitter one at that.

So when you see Harden, a former NBA MVP, who hails from a school not known for their basketball prowess, continue to be lauded as one of the leagues’ “best”, it can be pretty obnoxious to take in as an Arizona Basketball fan.

You can’t help but want to root against him.

Look, let me be abundantly clear, this isn’t sour grapes or anything like that. And I am certainly not trying to discredit James as to not being a good basketball player. He is. He is just not an NBA Superstar like some think he is.

Stats aside, the guy can’t lift his team when it matters. You can say how he plays in the loaded Western Conference all you want, but when you have played alongside NBA stars like Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook in your career, and you have yet to reach the Finals on your own at the age of 31, maybe you’re not quite a Superstar.

From the flopping, to the flailing, to the hooking to draw fouls, and the disappearing Houdini act he sometimes plays on the defensive side of the ball, those aren’t exactly qualities that made players like Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, etc. become NBA Champions numerous times.

He has the talent, and there is still time for him to change, but make no mistake, James Harden is not an NBA Superstar! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!