Arizona Football and Pac-12 could start end of October

After much deliberation, it looks like Arizona Football and the Pac-12 could finally be starting their season at the end of October.

It has been a long off-season this year for Arizona Football and the Pac-12, especially as we all are still reeling from the effects of Covid. However, there could be some good news brewing for the state of football.

As you may have likely already seen, it is that the Big 10 announced early Wednesday morning that they would begin preparing for the start of their 2020 season. And that decision seems to have put pressure on the Pac-12 to follow suit.

However, the pressure didn’t stop there. No, in fact things have seemingly been amplifying too, especially as a number of Pac-12 players (including ones at Arizona) have also been vocal about wanting to play.

Well, finally making news via social media on Wednesday afternoon, it is that the Pac-12 is another step closer to having football return to action this year, and perhaps sooner than we thought.

Breaking the news was Mercury News reporter John Wilner, who seemed to highlight a lot of back and forth from Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott and California Governor, Gavin Newsome. Neither party seemingly wanting to accept the blame for the failed leadership on the behalf of our student athletes during the pandemic.

Either way, we could finally be on track to having a football season!

Helping us get to that conclusion are the states of Oregon and California, who have lifted state restrictions, which could mean we could have football as early as late October.

Now while we don’t know when the 2020 season will officially start, or what the year will look like, however, I imagine Larry and the Pac-12 will begin to define and outline the schedules, with teams playing condensed seasons.

I know not everyone will be happy about the decision, however, we are going to soon have football, and will get to see our Wildcats back in action! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!