What a successful Arizona Football season would look like

As the Arizona Football team prepares for the 2020 season, and expectations not being very high, we break down what a successful season would look like.

Arizona Football is nearly back in action, as we are just a month away until the Wildcats kicks off their season against Utah. However, even with the season so close, that may be to the dismay of some fans.

As we head into the season, already there is not a lot of optimism surrounding Arizona Football. The team has been hit pretty hard by the transfer portal, and the defense has a lot of depth concerns, particularly at linebacker and safety.

Given those issues, that is why some are predicting the Wildcats to win just one game this season, or perhaps even go winless.

But are the critics correct? Maybe, however, it is still too early to definitively say, and because of it being an unusual year of College Football, it may be one that is not so predictable as it normally is.

For starters, the sport has a lot of parity, so adding an unusual set of scenarios to the mix, is a recipe for increased parity perhaps.

Additionally, I already broke down a few reasons why I think Arizona may be on an “even footing” strictly from just a season preparation standpoint.

Remember, virtually no one had Spring Football this year, and fall camps were a bit rushed, getting teams back to action as quickly as possible.

Because of those things, that is why I feel it is unlikely Arizona goes winless this year.

But given that it is just a short season, what would a successful season look like for Arizona?

Well to me, I think a successful season for Arizona would mean of course exceeding expectations. However, I think success goes beyond that.

As we have already seen with the current climate of things and a number of Covid cases popping up in College Football, it would be a success just getting through the year.

The safety and health of our student athletes is paramount, so even if the Wildcats play a full season, maintaining their health and even exceeding expectations will be a successful year.

I hate to be the one who dares settle for setting the bar so incredibly low, but 2020 is a strange and peculiar year, so why not have appropriate expectations.

At Zona Zealots, we’re anxious to see how this season plays out and will be cheering our on Wildcats as we always do. Bear Down, Arizona!