Arizona Football: Aaron Blackwell and Stan Eggen make great duo

With the Arizona Football team gearing up for the 2020 season, the Wildcats could see a great duo in Defensive Lineman Aaron Blackwell and Coach Stan Eggen.

It has certainly been an eventful off-season for the Arizona Football team thus far. From the numerous transfers, the coaching changes, etc., at least we got some good news as the team added Defensive Line coach Stan Eggen and incoming transfer, Aaron Blackwell this off-season.

I know to some that may not sound like much, especially when you consider the low expectations of the program currently. And it seems like there is not much positive news these days, however, make no mistake, the additions of Blackwell and Eggen are huge for the Wildcats!

Hailing from New Mexico, Arizona was able to bring in Blackwell via the grad transfer route, and were also able to hire Eggen.

Coming into the off-season, it was clear that Arizona needed help along the defensive line in the worst way imaginable, so why not bring in the both of them to help bolster things, and possibly get improved results?

Well, already it seems to be paying off. The duo are now in Tucson, preparing for the 2020 Football season. And given their history together at New Mexico, it has been a fortuitous reunion.

In his 30+ years of coaching, Eggen brings a lot of knowledge, wisdom and skill to the defensive line, and he should have a great opportunity to coach a group in need of a passionate leader. If we are learning anything thus far in Fall Camp, it is that Eggen is just that… passionate.

With Blackwell already being an “understudy” of sorts to Eggen, his addition will be invaluable this season, and because of his previous relationship, the grad transfer is excited about what is to come.

Listen to Aaron and Stan in their interview together:

At Zona Zealots, we’re excited to see what this duo can do together and can’t wait to see how the 2020 season plays out. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!