NCAA Division 1 Council met to discuss changing rules for Student-Athletes

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NEWARK, NJ – DECEMBER 19: The NCAA logo on a basketball at the Prudential Center before the game between the Maryland Terrapins and the Seton Hall Pirates on December 19, 2019 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images)

The NCAA Division 1 Council is making some progress in updating their rules regarding Student-Athletes that could make players in the Pac-12 a little more happy playing this season.

The NCAA Division 1 Council met this past Tuesday and Wednesday via video conference to discuss changes in their Rules, and in their meeting, there were three main areas of discussion including Student-Athletes being able to profit off the use of their own name, changing Transfer rules and Extending Eligibility amid the Corona Virus.

For starters, one rule that will be of particular interest to Student-Athletes, is also one of the pillars that the Pac-12 Football player boycott group requested this Summer. This change would be in regards to the NCAA changing the rules around players using their name and image likeness.

The Legislative Solutions Group is chaired by the athletics director at Pennsylvania, M. Grace Calhoun. Her team picked up where Gene Smith, Ohio State Athletics Director, and Val Ackerman, Commissioner of the Big East Conference left off.

The following measures were discussed this week per the NCAA Website:

  • Allow student-athletes to use their name, image and likeness to promote camps and clinics, private lessons, their own products and services, and commercial products or services.
  • Allow student-athletes to be paid for their autographs and personal appearances.
  • Allow student-athletes to crowdfund for nonprofits or charitable organizations, catastrophic events and family hardships, as well as for educational expenses not covered by cost of attendance.
  • Allow student-athletes the opportunity to use professional advice and marketing assistance regarding name, image and likeness activities, as well as professional representation in contract negotiations related to name, image and likeness activities, with some restrictions.
  • Prohibit schools from being involved in the development, operation or promotion of a student-athlete’s business activity, unless the activity is developed as part of a student’s coursework or academic program.
  • Prohibit schools from arranging or securing endorsement opportunities for student-athletes.

This is all huge! However, there are some caveat’s though:

  • Student-athletes would not be permitted to use their school’s marks in any advertisements, endorsements, personal appearances or promotions.
  • Student Athletes could not participate in activities involving a commercial product or service that conflicts with NCAA legislation (such as sports wagering or banned substances).
  • Schools would have the opportunity to prohibit activities that conflict with school values or existing sponsorship arrangements.

The solutions packages would be submitted and voted on by the group in January 2021, for a council vote. If these changes are voted it, it would be a long time coming as many players are opting out of playing college and going directly to the NBA G-League or elsewhere, just so they can start making money earlier than if they played in college for one year.

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