How can Arizona Football beat Washington? Here’s the 3 Keys!

With the Arizona Football team facing a tough challenge ahead against the Washington Huskies, this is a winnable game, but it wont be easy. Nonetheless, here are the ‘Three Keys’ for them to do it.

It’s game week for Arizona Football, and once again the Wildcats will have a tough challenge on their hands when they take on the Washington Huskies this weekend.

Already, we are well aware of the heartbreak the Wildcats endured last weekend against the USC Trojans to open the season, but in a condensed 2020 Football season, the show goes on, and the focus turns now turns to the undefeated Huskies.

Even though Washington did not look all that impressive in their 27-21 victory over Oregon State on Saturday, make no mistake, this is a talented group, and as they enter as double-digit favorites, getting the win won’t be easy.

Now granted, I will say, I think Arizona matches up better against Washington than they do USC, however, if the Wildcats are to win on Saturday, these are the Three Things that need to happen.

Take Care of the Football –

Sounds silly and very straightforward, but it’s true. The lone turnover the Wildcats had on Saturday proved costly, as it equated to seven points by the Trojans. USC won by four.

This game is going to have cold weather and potential showers. If you ask me, those are not ideal conditions for an Arizona team that has a very pass-oriented offense.

So to me, a key for Arizona will be to take care of the football. If they can limit the extra possessions by the Huskies, their chances of winning improves.

Create turnovers –

Easier said than done, but one thing that I felt hurt the Cats this past Saturday was the fact they couldn’t get the Trojans to turn the ball over once. If they are going to beat the Huskies this Saturday, they are going to need to find a way to create turnovers.

Look, the defense played well last weekend all things considered, however, let’s be honest, this is a group that is going to have to continue to play well, and play beyond their abilities if they hope to find any success this season.

That’s why being opportunistic, creating turnovers, and limiting the time they are on the field is vital for them to win games, especially this one come Saturday. If they can win the turnover battle, I like their chances of coming out on top.

Control the clock –

Arizona plays fast, and sometimes that is to their disadvantage. This year, this is a group that I feel could benefit a little from slowing things down offensively, and controlling the clock.

As we saw on Saturday, Arizona took the lead at 30-27, however, because they scored in under two minutes, it gave USC enough time to drive the field and win the game. That can’t happen.

I understand this is a bit counter intuitive since the Wildcats play in a bit of a hurry up offense, but I think the key for Arizona this year is keeping their defense rested as much as possible and controlling the clock.

If they can hold on to the ball, sustain longer drives and keep their defense rested this Sunday, they have a better chance at winning.

At Zona Zealots, we’re hopeful the Cats can have another strong performance, and hopefully come away victorious this time. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!