How Arizona Basketball draft success will always benefit recruiting

As the Arizona Basketball program continues to find success in the NBA Draft, the Wildcats will always continue to find success in recruiting as well.

It has been a great week for Arizona Basketball, and in case you missed it this week, the Wildcats were just one of a very few programs that had three players taken in the NBA Draft.

Regardless of your thoughts on whether you think Sean Miller had much of an impact on those three players being drafted on Wednesday evening, or whether you think is able to maximize the talent he has, that’s a whole other discussion.

However, one thing that should be clear is that when kids come to Tucson, the expectation is for them to be successful and possibly reach the next level. In this case, the NBA.

As it was highlighted earlier this week, since Millers’ arrival in 2009-10, the Wildcats have had 13 Draft picks, with nine of them going in the first round. That speaks volumes to recruits.

Even in the midst of the dark cloud hanging over the program with the Notice of Allegations from the NCAA, so far it seems like it is having minimal impact in recruiting. As it stands, the Wildcats have the No. 17 recruiting class with Shane Nowell, Shane Dezonie and K.J. Simpson all committed and signed.

Now what shouldn’t be shocking is how the Wildcats are still finding success in recruiting despite those Allegations. As I have said before, the Allegations are having an impact, albeit it being somewhat minimal… look no further than Arizona having the No. 17 recruiting class.

You want to know why or how? It is because kids come here for one major reason, and that is to get to the NBA.

Regardless of what your feelings are on Sean, you cannot deny the success he has had in helping in getting guys to the league, while also maintaining Arizona’s reputation of being a good program.

While the Allegations could still have a little bit of a negative impact in recruiting, it still won’t change the fact that kids come here wanting to go pro. Just because the team could potentially be on probation, that won’t prevent them in still having that opportunity.

Seems pretty self explanatory here, but Arizona is still going to recruit well, so long as they continue to find Draft success like they did on Wednesday night. And that is something that should make us excited! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!