Arizona Football should strongly reconsider hiring Ken Niumatalolo

As the head coaching search continues for Arizona Football, the Wildcats could be in a fortunate circumstance of attracting Ken Niumatalolo, again!

Unless you have been living under a bridge these past few weeks, you would know that Arizona Football is once again looking for a new head coach for their football program, which as usual is in chaos, but somehow Ken Niumatalolo could be a candidate once again.

As we learned from the last hire, the Wildcats are in desperate need of someone who can be a leader of men, a disciplinary, but more importantly, someone who can build relationships with his players.

Not to mention, they will need someone with a proven track record of success. That is why Ken N. seems to be a great fit.

Here is what Arizona Football would get from Niumatalolo

Niumatalolo has spent a lot of time as a coach at the Naval Academy. He was their running backs coach from 1995-96, he was then the offensive coordinator from 1997-98, before leaving for UNLV for just a few years.

Coincidentally, Ken returned in 2002, serving as an assistant head coach from 2002-07, before becoming the head in 2007.

Since his time as the head coach, the Naval Academy Football program has had a lot of success. From big wins in the Navy-Army game, to going to bowl games, to having an exciting offense, he’s done it all.

Being able to win big games is important to Arizona Football

It is no secret that as Wildcat fans, one of the most important thing to us is beating ASU as well as being in big games. That is not something we have been able to do for a little while now.

Niumatalolo knows about winning big games. and in fact, he has had a lot of success in one of college football’s biggest games, the Army-Navy Game.

At one point, the Midshipmen had a streak of 14-consecutive wins against Army, nine of which came under the leadership of Niumatalolo. Having that kind of success, or any success at all against the Sun Devils, would be huge for the program.

Additionally, he has also coached Navy to 11 Bowl games, having won six. That is something that I think Wildcat fans would really love to see our team be able to do.

Whoever they hire, my colleagues and I at Zona Zealots wish the very best for him and the challenges our soon-to-be coach will face. As always Bear Down Arizona!