Arizona Football success hinges on Offensive Line development

With the Arizona Football team gearing up for the 2021 season, success for the Wildcats will hinge on the development of the offensive line. 

It has been a busy off-season for the Arizona Football team thus far, and already we have seen immense success from head coach Jedd Fisch and the Wildcats as they have done a great job in retooling and rebuilding the roster.

Coming in, Fisch was going to have to perform miracles in getting the talent to where it needs to be for next season. Whether it is bringing in quarterbacks, more receivers, defensive players, etc. the Wildcats need it all.

Unfortunately, where the team still seems to be lacking and will need the most work for 2021 is along the offensive line.

Arizona and coach Fisch has seemingly done nothing to address the position, whether it is via the transfer portal or with traditional recruiting methods. With the offensive line struggles we saw from Arizona in 2020, the lack of attention to the position is concerning, to say the least.

For Arizona Football, success in the 2021 season all hinges on the development and overall play of the offensive line.

In 2021, Arizona luckily returns Donovan Laie, Josh McCauley, Josh Donovan, Paiton Fears, a healthy Jordan Morgan, and Edgar Burrola among others, but with only a few players coming in, and no transfers in the pipeline, things are a little bleak.

Luckily, we are still a few months away until the start of the season, so there is time for the program to correct things, perhaps find another player via the transfer portal, or even work with the talent that is there and continue to try and improve things. Either way, there are options, but Arizona Football needs to do something.

So at the end of the day, even with all the talent, the Wildcats added this off-season, it will ultimately be for naught if they can’t keep their quarterbacks upright or open up holes for the running backs.