Dr. Robbins and Arizona Basketball mishandle Sean Miller firing

The firing of Sean Miller is making waves in the college basketball world, and the move has been mishandled by Dr. Robbins and Arizona Basketball.

Well, it is a new era of basketball at the University of Arizona, as long-time Arizona Basketball head coach Sean Miller has finally been let go.

The news of Miller’s firing broke via social media on Wednesday morning, and already the firing has been met with a lot of mixed reactions from Wildcat fans and basketball fans everywhere.

Perhaps some fans having followed the drama for the last three-plus years can finally find some relief in the fact we don’t have to keep addressing the same issues and talking points.

However, three years past the initial investigation, and with the findings from the IARP soon approaching, the move for Arizona Basketball to part ways with Sean Miller is questionable at best.

Regardless of which side you land on in regards to the Miller firing, the real criticism here has to be with the absolute poor management of the school and in particular its administration.

For the last three years, we have seen Arizona step up and defend Miller, go to bat in trying to best protect the program during the NCAA Investigation, and essentially sit on their thumbs since the news first broke back in September of 2017.

If there’s blame to be had, it squarely falls at the feet of Arizona, school President Dr. Robert Robbins, and Athletic Director Dave Heeke. If they were this keen on firing Miller, especially as of five weeks ago as is being reported, then Arizona wasted their time.

There was no need for the school to wait this long, and the decision should have likely been made three years ago, if at the worst five weeks ago then. The longer the delay, the more silly this looks, and only makes Arizona Athletics look all the worse.

Miller deserved better and so does Arizona Basketball.