Arizona Basketball: Kerr Kriisa to potentially transfer from the Wildcats

Following the news of Tommy Lloyd’s hiring, Arizona Basketball guard Kerr Kriisa announced that he will be putting his name in the transfer portal. 

It is a new chapter for Arizona Basketball, and as we usher in the Tommy Lloyd era in Tucson, expect many changes to happen to the team over the next few weeks/months, starting with Kerr Kriisa.

For those that maybe didn’t see the news, it was not long after Lloyd was named head coach of the Wildcats on Wednesday afternoon, that Kerr made news by announcing he would be moving on from the program.

Putting his name in the infamous players’ transfer portal, Kerr Kriisa is actively weighing all his options and will explore to see what else is out there.

However, what is worth noting here, is that Kerr didn’t completely close himself off to the idea of potentially coming back to Arizona.

Biasedly, of course, we all hope Kerr comes back, especially when we consider the potential he showed in the limited action we saw from him this past year. In his eight games, he played in, Kerr averaged 5.5 points and 2.4 assists per game.

Now, given the Wildcats’ instability of recent, we certainly can’t fault him for wanting to see what else is potentially out there. Nonetheless, should he decide to come back, the sky is the limit.

Kerr is a feisty and emotional player from Estonia, he possesses good size for a guard. He’s athletics, smart, and has a great presence when he takes to the floor. As the Wildcats go through many changes over the next few weeks/months, retaining key players and talent would be ideal for first-year head coach Lloyd.

As Lloyd gets acclimated to his new team, he will have his work cut out for him, and his biggest assignment will be to recruit the current roster, starting with Kerr!